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Provision of Complete School Health Programs

Aloa Care Group will partner with your School District to create a staffing model that will ensure the staffing needs of each of your schools are being met with skilled healthcare staff*. We ensure all required Florida School Health Statutes are fully met. We are confident that our partnership with you will demonstrate a cost savings …..money that can be utilized for the many other important programs within your schools. Call us today for a consultation; we'll discuss your Districts needs and how we can help!

*Healthcare Staff - whether your needs are for Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Health Technicians (HT) , or a combination, our staff have completed an extensive training program specifically to meet the healthcare needs of your students.

Our Services Include:

Health Technicians

  • Daily medication administration

  • Administering minor first aid

  • Blood glucose monitoring

  • Communication to parents/Principal of acutely ill or injured students

  • Completing head lice interventions

  • Performing CPR/AED as needed

  • Maintaining/stocking of  clinic supplies

  • Complying with confidentiality requirements of the School District..

  • Completing forms as requested by District for Medicaid billing purposes


Licensed Practical Nurses

  • Performing specialized  medical procedures- such as enteral feedings, trachiostomy care, catheterizations, etc


Registered Nurses

  • Development of students Individual Health Care Plan,  including meeting with principals, guidance counselors, teachers and parents.

  • Health screenings of students: hearing, vision, scoliosis, BMI and subsequent follow up referrals as requested

  • Participating in school conferences and parent contacts as needed.

  • Education to school staff, and classrooms  as requested by District.

  • Consulting with physicians relevant to student’s health problems.

Private & Charter Schools

In addition to providing complete School Health Program services for individual school districts, we offer School Health Screenings for private and charter schools.

We ensure screenings are completed according to the Fl. State Statute 381.0056 and utilize the Department of Health’s, “Florida School Health Administrative Guidelines”, as a resource.

As a reminder, the screening schedules for students are:

  •  Kindergarten- vision and hearing

  • 1st- grade- BMI: height/weight, vision and hearing

  • 3rd grade- BMI: height/weight and vision

  • 6th grade- BMI: height/weight, vision, hearing,  scoliosis

This Aloa Care Group service includes:

  1. Providing the school with a required “opt-out” letter to send to parents.

  2. Follow up letters to parents for any positive outcomes

  3. Reporting your data to the DOH (Department of Health) on the appropriate forms

Whether you are a District wanting to discuss full service School Health Programs or a Charter/Private School wanting to schedule a Health Screening - Call us today!

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